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Tunable Lighting: Could it Improve Your Health?

How Lighting Control Can Help Your Health & Wellness

Tunable Lighting: Could it Improve Your Health?

Do you often feel groggy and tired during the day, yet strangely alert at night? Do you ever experience headaches, reduced concentration, or irritable moods? If you’re like most people, these hindrances may just feel like a part of life. But did you know that it could be caused by an unlikely culprit—your lighting?

Natural light is vital to a healthy mind and body. Here in Alaska, where we often experience too little or too much bright light throughout the year, our circadian rhythms can become out of sync. Luckily, there’s a new smart solution to help.

To discover how lighting control can improve your Anchorage, Alaska home and overall wellbeing, continue reading below!

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What Is Our Circadian Rhythm?

Before electricity, humans’ daily routines were structured around the sun. Our internal biological clock, or circadian rhythm, still takes cues from the sun to tell us when to feel hungry, tired, awake or energized at appropriate times. But by spending most of our days indoors, our system becomes disturbed by artificial light. Too little or dim light in the morning will make us stay sleepy, while bright blue-hued light in the evening won’t let our mind prepare for sleep. An off-centered circadian rhythm not only causes sleep deprivation and productivity issues, but over the long-term, will increase the risk of depression, diabetes, and cancer.

How Does Tunable Lighting Work?

With tunable LED lighting, the tint of your bulb’s color will gradually change throughout the day, adjusting to the natural cycle of the sun. Mornings will start with bright blue-white light, which will boost alertness and productivity. Later in the day as sunset approaches, your home’s lights will transition to warm amber hues, readying your mind for bed. Also known as “human-centric” lighting, tunable lights are already being used in Sweden, Texas, and Washington schools, with tremendous results in student’s performances and mood.

How Can I Customize My System?

With your home's lighting connected to a smart Savant system, you can set a range of hues and brightness from your phone, tablet, or voice speaker. Select from candlelight, warm white, sunrise, early morning, natural light, and more colors, and slide on the adjustment bar how much saturation you would like to set. Then schedule your Savant LED bulbs to a routine, so you won’t have to worry about adjusting and turning them on or off again.

Are you interested in bringing tunable lighting to your home? Northern Technology Solutions is your destination for all lighting solutions. Call us at (907) 229-2269, send a message to a member of our team below, or fill out our contact form here.

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