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The most desirable feature of a home? How much light it receives! Discover smart technology solutions to improve your house’s lighting control here.

Tunable Lighting: Could it Improve Your Health?

How Lighting Control Can Help Your Health & Wellness

Tunable Lighting: Could it Improve Your Health?

Do you often feel groggy and tired during the day, yet strangely alert at night? Do you ever experience headaches, reduced concentration, or irritable moods? If you’re like most people, these hindrances may just feel like a part of life. But did you know that it could be caused by an unlikely culprit—your lighting?

Natural light is vital to a healthy mind and body. Here in Alaska, where we often experience too little or too much bright light throughout the year, our circadian rhythms can become out of sync. Luckily, there’s a new smart solution to help.

To discover how lighting control can improve your Anchorage, Alaska home and overall wellbeing, continue reading below!

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